Safety Reimagined


Creating technology for a safer world.



 Safe Schools

Learning doesn’t stop in the most challenging circumstances. Safety doesn’t either. Safe Schools, is a unified ecosystem designed to help educators better respond to everyday incidents and prepare for critical emergencies.


Safe Hospitals

Ensure your hospital is resilient and can adapt to a wide spectrum of emergencies and operational disruptions. Safe Hospitals is a unified ecosystem designed to help hospitals maintain a safe and healthy environment.



 Safe Stadiums

Whether you’re re-opening your venue at a limited capacity or preparing for next season, safety remains at the core of providing an enjoyable fan experience. Safe Stadiums is a unified ecosystem designed to help your team create a streamlined experience and maintain safety throughout your entire facility..


Safe Airports

Everyday, countless incidents occur on an airport premises and it’s critical that you identify important events while ensuring personnel are informed and ready to take action. With Safe Airports, we can help your team maintain safety throughout your airport and terminal


Safe Manufacturing 

As you implement more efficient processes at your plant, warehouse, or facility, maintaining a safe, secure workplace is at the core of your daily operations and Safe Manufacturing can help maintain safety in all facets of your operation.


Safe Utilities

Ensure your facility is resilient and can adapt to a wide spectrum of natural disasters, emergency situations, and operational disruptions, with Safe Utilities, a unified ecosystem designed to help maintain safety at your facilities and job sites.

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